Range of exhibits

Range of Exhibits

>Sensing Equipment and Information Collection Equipment
RFID electronic tag, data collector, read-write device, handhold smart device, smart card, bar code, sensor, measurement and testing, biometric technology, etc.

>Big data processing and cloud computing:
Data Center Infrastructure (server, storage equipment, information system integration), IDC room, data analysis and mining, data transaction, data processing and security technology, cloud computing, edge computing and block chain, cloud services, etc.

>Industrial Internet equipment and communication technology
Industrial computer, industrial display, industrial motherboard, industrial gateway, industrial router, network switch, industrial communication card, industrial Ethernet, 5g network, remote and wireless communication equipment, network information security technology, industrial Internet app, etc.

>Factory informatization and digital solutions:
Industrial Internet cloud platform, industrial intelligent manufacturing software system (OA system, ERP system, MES system and visual board, UWB indoor positioning system, etc.), digital twin, AR & VR, AI Artificial Intelligence, etc.