• Exhibition Regulations


Government Decree

All the exhibitors are required to comply with laws of The People’s Republic of China.


Visa Application

All the visitors should apply entry visa before coming to The People’s Republic of China and meet the quarantine standard. Please ensure your exhibition staff all hold valid entry visa.


Advertisement Control

All the promotional materials distributed at the scene ( including information and samples of presentation and publication conference ), such as presswork, PowerPoint, videotapes and other objects present to the audience, must be reviewed by Chinese Authority. Exhibitors can ask the designated transport agency for commission in advance.


Clearance Matters

The Pavilion is free trade zone. All the exhibits are duty-free during the exhibition period. However, it’s forbidden to carry exhibits into the malls without Customs permission.

Exhibitors need to:

a)a) Inform the designated transport agency for exhibits clearance.

b)b) We suggest that exhibitors should not bring the exhibit to China in handy luggage, because it may be detained by Customs or paying tax.The Organizer will not take any responsibility for delay or inconvenience caused by detention of the exhibits of the Customs. If exhibitors need to bring the exhibits in the form of handy luggage from overseas into China, or from other areas of China into the venue, please firstly contact the designated transport agency to handle the clearance matters.

c)All the giveaways and souvenirs distributed at the scene must pay the import tax. The exhibitors must in advance make a list of giveaways and specific quantity and price to the Customs with the help of designated transport agency.

d)Please carry all the receipts issued by the Customs in case of proof.


General Principles

a) All the exhibitors must obey the rules in the Pavilion including close time of the exhibition hall.

b) People under 18 can’t visit the exhibition. Please remind the buyers of not taking under-eighteen-year-olds into the Pavilion.


Fire Safety Rules

a) No smoking in the Pavilion.

b) Any flammable and explosive materials brought into the venue should obtain fire permit.

c) The Organizer can publish other regulations with relevant authority mandate.



The Organizer is responsible for the venue security, but the exhibitors themselves should take the risk of any property and exhibits loss, and the Organizer will not take any economic or legal responsibility.Therefore, exhibitors must cover insurance for exhibits, facilities of their booth and accessories etc.Meanwhile, the host unit will not take economic and legal responsibility for the loss due to theft, fire, public ( including the exhibitors themselves ) and any other natural causes.


Photography & Video & Sound recording

No photography, video or sound recordings in the venue.


Exhibits Reception

The host unit will not take or store any exhibits or booth materials for the exhibitors, please arrange relevant staff to take care of them.


Decoration of exhibits

a) All decorations must be placed within the booth range.

b) Any television or computer screens facing the channels or public area that may gather crowd, must be placed 1m backwards within the booth range.


Exhibits break bulk

Exhibits can only be demolished on May 26th,2017 at 1pm. The host unit will not take any responsibility for any loss or damage during the moving-out. All remaining material will be deemed abandoned, and the exhibitors themselves will assume the cost.


Power supply

All the power installations connected to the main electric box in the venue, out of safety reasons, must be connected by the Pavilion. Exhibitors can apply for lightings and electric items with forms in Exhibitors Guide.


Catalogue distribution

Exhibitors are only allowed to distribute catalogues within their booth range, not along the walkways or other public areas of the Pavilion.


Volume control

In order to create a rather silent business surrounding in the venue, it’s not allowed to make noise to other visitors or exhibitors. Noise index should be controlled below 75 decibels during the exhibition. Therefore, the exhibitors must strictly comply with related rules of volume control in the venue made by the host unit, which will be strictly enforced. The Organizer will be appreciate for your support and cooperation concerning following rules.
1) Noise index should be controlled below 75 decibels during the exhibition.
2) If the volume is beyond 75 decibels without permit and get complaint, the exhibitors will receive an oral warning and asked to turn down the voice.
3) As for those exhibitors who ignore warning, the host unit will issue a formal written warning.
4) As for those exhibitors who ignore warning letters, the host unit will cut off the power of their booths for 2 hours as a punishment.


  • Pavilion Fire Safety Rules

All the exhibitors, contractors and staff must comply with The People’s Republic of China Laws on Fire as well as related fire safety regulations of China Import & Export Fair Complex Pazhou Pavilion.

No smoking in the exhibition hall. The violator will be punished up to situation.
Keep the channels unobstructed with at least 3 meters wide of the main aisle. The evacuation door should keep open with no locks on. It’s prohibited to set up booths or place samples in the channels and in front of stairs or lifts. In case of any violation, the exhibitors will be enforced to remove.
It’s prohibited to connect or pull wires and install electric equipment without authorization ( including lightings and advertising lightings ). If the exhibitors need to install, please in advance inform the contractors and submit application. Only after getting approval can the construction go on. All the electricians must go on duty with certificates. All the construction materials need to be qualified product. In case of any violation, accidents and disputes arising, the exhibitors should take the whole responsibility. Please use fire-retardant wires and obey electricity safety regulations during installation. The electricity can’t put into use until it is checked and confirmed qualified.
Before decorating booths, constructing booths, placing racks and frames, the exhibitors need to inform the Pavilion in advance. The exhibitors can only start construction with permission. All the decoration material must use smoldering clamping boards or non-combustible material, otherwise it will deemed against the regulations and asked to remove.
During the construction, decoration and moving-in, fire facilities are not allowed to be blocked, embezzled, occupied or damaged. The frame and top of the booth can’t be covered in any forms so as not to block the fire sprinklers and the smoke detector and serve a function.
Do not use electric stoves, electric kettles, electric irons, tungsten lights or other electric appliances and high power lightings in the exhibition hall. Above the second floor, neon lights is not allowed to use. The installation height of neon lights is at least 2.5m. All the above facilities need approval before putting into use.
It’s prohibited to take toxic or dangerous product into the venue, such as fireworks, firecrackers, gasoline, thinner, alcohol, gas, hydrogen, oxygen and dangerous, toxic chemicals etc. This type of exhibit samples are only permitted substitutes. If the exhibitors indeed need these for construction or performance, please inform the Pavilion and submit the application in advance. After that, the Pavilion will send people to take charge at the scene to ensure security.
The boxes, debris, litter and excess samples must be cleaned up and moved out of the venue on time. It’s not allowed to leave them in the booth, on the table or in the back of walls. In case of any violation, the exhibitors will be asked to clean up and get fined.
9. Please clean up the booth and ensure security after work.Focus on: a) clean up flammable debris, kindling and other potential hazard b) cut off the power c) shut up the booth
Conducting hot work (welding, gas welding etc. ) during construction and performance should be declared to Security Department in advance. The construction or performance can start only after doing safety preparations with fire permit. Those who don’t follow the regulations or don’t have a welding certificate, will be held accountable responsibility.